Jordan Mittler is a Multiplying Good One in a Million Award recipient. They are among the millions of people who are putting others first and using service as a solution to the problems we're facing. Read his story below then nominate someone who's making a difference during this unprecedented time!

One in a Million Award recipient: Jordan Mittler

Where they are multiplying good: New York, NY

How they are multiplying good: Jordan Mittler is the Director and Founder of Mittler Senior Technology, a program that offers free technology education to seniors to improve their quality of life. He was inspired to start his program a few years ago (at age 12) when his grandparents got their first smartphones. It was difficult for them to adjust from their old flip phones. From his experience teaching them, he realized that there is a bigger audience of seniors who could benefit from technology education. He reached out to synagogues, churches, nursing homes, and other organizations, and started in-person classes a few weeks later in his school computer room. He has taught many classes and changed the lives of many seniors. He has a team of high schoolers working with him because he believes it is the responsibility of the younger generation to assist seniors with technology, as they were born into this new world. He created a website and was successfully expanding his program, and then COVID-19 began. He knew he couldn’t abandon his seniors who rely on his class as something they look forward to every week (many live alone/are retired, and feel less lonely when participating in his classes). He decided to make individual phone calls and get the seniors set up on ZOOM. Since then, he has taught many virtual technology classes to seniors, covering topics that are specifically relevant now (such as online shopping, entertainment online, and FaceTime). Since his classes are now virtual, he not only has more students, but is also teaching seniors from outside the New York area, where he is based. His mission is to change the world one senior at a time.